Apply Now!!! Associates/Junior Associates at VideaimIP, Gurgaon, and Bangalore.

About VideaimIP Videaim IP is a techno-legal consultancy firm based in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, and Faridabad. We provide services to protect intellectual property (IP) assets and acquire IPR (which stands for Intellectual Property Rights). The different types of IPR include patent, trademark, industrial designs, and copyrights. They also provide other legal services contract negotiation, drafting and […]

Register Now!!! 6th Guest Lecture on Dynamics of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD) in the Indo-Pacific Region by MNLUA.

About the Lecture MNLU-Aurangabad’s newly created Centre for World Affairs is organizing its 6th Guest Lecture on 17th January, 2022 from 4 PM. The topic for the guest lecture is: The dynamics of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue(QUAD) in the Indo-Pacific Region by Dr. Chakali Bramhayya, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science & Human Rights, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University. The Lecture will […]

Register Now!!! IMS Unison University’s 7th National Youth Parliament Competition [Online, Feb 4-5].

Committee and Agenda LOK SABHA: Sedition: Safety valve or tool to suppress dissent STAKEHOLDERS MEET: PSUs: Gems of India or Sediments for government. Is privatisation a solution? NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL: Separatism in North-East Region: A threat to National Security ALL INDIA PRESS: Journalism Registration Details To confirm participation, follow the registration process as under: Fill […]

Register Now!!! 2nd National Online Quiz Competition on Consumer Protection Act of 1986 by Law Fight [No Fee].

About Law Fight Law Fight publishes posts, notes, blogs, articles, quizzes, competitions, and many more in the field of Law. It aims to make the readers learn law in ease. About the Quiz Competition Law Fight is conducting their 2nd National Online Quiz Competition on Consumer Protection Act of 1986, on January 23, 2022. The […]

Apply Now!!! Legal Contract and Research Internship Opportunity with Porter [2 Seats], Bangalore.

About the Company The Company is owning the application based portal in the name of PORTER who is inter alia engaged in the business of providing tech-enabled transportation and logistics services. The firm’s employees serve customers from all sectors including corporations and individuals in India. About the Internship Porter is seeking applications from law students for a legal […]

NFTs and The Legal Conundrum

Author: Hunar Student, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab NFTs are non-fungible tokens or digital assets that represent an object or commodity like art, music, videos, etc. NFTs are “non-fungible” i.e., each NFT is unique and cannot be traded for another. They are uniquely coded digital assets operating via blockchain technologies that are bought […]

Register Now!!! 5th Amity National ADR (Alternative Dispute Redressal) Tournament 2022 by Amity Law School, Noida [Mar 3-4].

About ALSN Amity Law School Noida, (ALSN), an institution of Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, not only focuses on legal aptitude but also on practicality, while enlightening the students on the intricacies of the law. It is fully geared to provide its students with innovative and stimulating exposure. The high standards of legal education integrate their […]

Apply Now!!! In-House Counsel at Dexter Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd, Jaipur [1-2 Vacancies].

About the Firm Dexter Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd is a private sector boutique Investment Banking firm focused on providing the best-in-class services to growth-stage companies as well as new-age entrepreneurs in the early-stage funding process. About the Job Opportunity Dexter Capital is seeking to hire a legal professional for the job role of an In-House Counsel […]

Register Now!!! Mediator Course Become a Mediator by YCM, Khaitan & Co., FDCR, Prachi Mediation, Association of Mediation Practitioners and Crek ODR [Online; Jan-Feb 2022].

About the Organizer YCM is India’s First Youth Conflict Management and Mediation Initiative. Their goal is to empower the youth with skills to be able to REALISE-RESPOND-RESOLVE fights and deadlocks in every domain of life. Conflict management skills are essential for every dispute resolution process. Manage conflicts to save money, save time and save peace […]