Debentures: An Overview

Author: Aayush Sharma Student, New Law College, BVDU, Pune Introduction There is a need for finances at the heart of any firm. That money is required to ensure the proper operations of a business. Companies employ a variety of strategies to raise capital for this purpose, but debentures are one viable source for long-term solutions. […]

Torts Against Person

Author: Nickkita Shome Amity University, Kolkata BATTERY : – Intentional application of force without proper justification is termed as Battery. It does not involve bodily harm and causes least touching. Thus, Intentionally touching or using force on another person or things related to that person without their consent with the intention of harming that person […]

Maratha Quota Law

Author: Nickkita Shome Amity University, Kolkata INTRODUCTION Marathas are a community that formulate 32 percent of the population in Maharashtra. Historically, they have been suggested as the warrior caste or land holder caste. However now, they are dependent upon agriculture. In 2018, there were a lot of distress and disputes in the agricultural sector and […]